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Since the parents have faith in our school and trust our academic and educational plans, we take the responsibility of educating students by providing updated curriculums which will be presented by highly experienced staff. However, we still need the parents' full academic and non-academic support to obtain our aims and objectives. This support will add a great deal to our efforts to raise our students to be creative and ethical citizens.

Academic Policy :


Non Academic Policy :

Fulfill all official requests by the administration for students' smooth admittance.
  1. Commitment to any extra classes or after school programs suggested by the administration.
  2. Commitment to school attendance and participation in extra curricular activities.
  3. Report your intent to continue with the school in due time as per school regulations (two months before the end of the school year).
  4. Communicate and cooperate with the school administration and respond to their requests.
  5. Maintain and support the school's disciplinary policies.
  6. Accept and support the school administration's decisions.
  7. Ensure that students suffering from contagious diseases like chicken pox, measles and infectious diseases such as flu do not attend class or exams till the quarantine period is over. When the former resumes school, a fitness report from the physician should be submitted.
  8. Abide by the school uniform in all grades. Keep a clean and tidy appearance. The school has the right to provide a new set of school uniform (to be paid by the parent), if the student fails to wear the proper school uniform.
  9. All students should be fully aware of personal hygiene. They should maintain proper haircut (short haircut for boys) and appearance.
  10. Provide the school with the official permission to join the school.(FOR SAUDIS)
  11. Always pay fees on time to avoid your child's embarrassment.
  12. Suggestions from parents on improvement of school and welfare of students are most welcome.
  13. Students are expected to be sociable, polite and courteous with their peers and the school staff. They should refrain from arrogant and violent behavior under all circumstances.
  14. No student will be allowed to leave with another student after school hours, except for emergency cases whereby the parents inform the school through a written letter and a phone call.
  15. The school has the full right to check students' book cases for cell phones, cameras, IPOD's, and other items that are not allowed in school.

Disciplinary Policy :

We aim to develop our children's characters according to Islamic morals and principles. This can be achieved only by parents' help.
All students must behave well with each other and with their teachers. Aggressive behavior; verbal, physical, or mental will not be accepted.
Students who fail to accomplish the school tasks will be guided by their teacher to finish these duties. If not, the school has the right to put a certain plan to help each student to do the school tasks.
In addition, students who exhibit bad behavior will face the following procedures:
  • They will be talked to privately.
  • Receive another oral warning.
  • Separated from the group for a short time to realize that what they have done can cause them unpleasant situation.
  • Given extra class work or homework to do.
  • Sent to the administration.
  • Deprived of their favorite classes (P.E., Art, Computer, etc).
  • Asked to call their parents to come to school.
  • Put on a daily report or monitored.
  • Suspended from school.
  • Expelled from school as a final step.

Financial Policy: