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Yusr International School (Y.I.S) is a private, independent, international, non-discriminating, English-medium school. It serves both the local and expatriate communities in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Y.I.S is co-educational from Nursery till Grade 3 and gender-segregated from Grade 4 to Grade 12. It operates legally under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and has AdvancED accreditation till 2017. AdvancED is the biggest educational organization that serves more than 30,000 schools around the world. Located in Al Nahda District (Girls Section), on 18677 sqm landscape, and in Al Shate'a District (Boys Section), on 5000 sqm plot, the school is an ideal edifice for teaching and learning. Y.I.S was founded in 2007 and is owned and managed by Mrs. Aisha Al Otaibi, a leading figure in Saudi education and business fields. Her insightful leadership, together with the indispensable, restless work of the talented administration and staff members, have insured the school prominent position in the community it serves and global recognition in education arenas. At Y.I.S. everybody highly counts. Yusr staff members are highly qualified with protracted experience with young, teenage and adolescent learners in a variety of teaching contexts and school systems. Many Yusr teachers have prolonged experience of teaching in Jeddah and the Gulf region; others are new to Saudi Arabia. This insures the School an important agglomeration of versatile experiences that help enrich the educational provision for our students. Yusr community incorporates stakeholders from all backgrounds. Our parents' priority is giving their children the best education they can afford. Our growth in student enrollment rate and staff retention has been so considerable that it testifies to our steady pace and continual success. Still, we do constantly review our strategic plans to insure that the students have the best and most up-to-date learning opportunities. Each Yusr community member strives to lay emphasis on the seriousness of academics as integrated with the physical, social, and moral growth of our students. The most significant task of Yusr faculty is to give an area where each student can attain his/her utmost potential. The school offers a number of services to all students to ensure that each individual student is given the appropriate opportunity to grow in a safe and education-oriented environment. English is the main language of instruction at the school. All core subjects are taught in English language medium. The other subjects mainly include Arabic, Islamic Studies, Qur'an, and French. The School is divided into four distinct parts:


    Grades 1-2-3 & Grades 4-5-6

    Grades 7-8-9

   Grades 10-11-12

The school year is divided into two Semesters. Report cards are issued at the end of each term. First Semester usually begins in September and ends in January. Second Semester begins in January and ends in June.