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Special Education Department

Vision: To provide leading special education services to support educational and social integration for students with special needs through offering inclusion programs, applied in universal standards and qualities, where the student receives special services in general education classrooms according to his/her abilities and needs. Objectives: The Special Education Department aims to integrate students with learning disabilities, autism and other special needs in the general education classrooms to support their ability to cope in an engaging learning environment, and to provide them with suitable opportunities to improve self-esteem and social behaviors. The Special Education Department functions under the supervision of qualified staff with long experience in this field to enhance the student's performance academically, socially and behaviorally in the school setting. The staff directs his efforts to support and guide the students with special needs by offering the needed educational and learning services such as:

1- Support classes for learning disabilities

2- Speech and language sessions

3- Behavior management sessions using the strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

4- Academic support by the classroom teacher