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Vision: A chain of unique schools with an Islamic perspective providing various international educational programs with a holistic and comprehensive vision maintained through high quality standards in an interactive learning environment, whilst upholding morals, local identity and respect for different cultures.

Mission: At Yusr International School, we are committed to delivering a comprehensive international education program that enables our students to be life-long learners through improving their knowledge, critical thinking, ethics and communication skills.

We have established a healthy school environment that fosters values and consolidates Islamic culture and principles. Hence we strive to inspire identity in our students whilst developing respect and global understanding. Our target is to produce a generation of distinguished leaders and constructive members of society who help to create a caring and peaceful world. We embrace the fact that all students can learn in different ways; therefore, we can, Insha'Allah, provide our students with a variety of teaching and learning approaches that meet their individuals needs and allow them to excel academically. Since learning is a lifelong process that requires the involvement of all stakeholders, our students and their parents are partners in education.


Yusr International School ensures its community an academically holistic program, whilst maintaining its Arab heritage and culture, aspires to meet the internationally recognized and applied standards of education and educational excellence. Yusr International School hosts students of various nationalities and backgrounds, thereby enriching its environment with international mindfulness and serving a community of learning whose learning aptitudes are to match the school 's standards of admission.
YIS promotes an appreciation of the students ' beliefs and cultures, thereby enhancing tolerance and mutual respect. Through its documented practises, YIS fosters ethical behaviour and a sense of social fairness, learning equity and individual worth, we support students with special needs and provide specialized solutions to special education students.
Yusr International School provides an up-to-date and SMART technologically equipped learning environment with emphasis on learning as the sole concern thereby encouraging talented students ' programs and the active involvement of all concerned stakeholders.
YIS students engage in a variety of inquiry-based activities that enable them to grow responsible community members who take the wise lead of themselves effective roles of responsibility in all walks of life.

Yusr Goals and Beliefs:

1. At Yusr International School, we strive to encourage staff and students ' innovation skills and keep students as our central focus.

2. Promote inquiry based learning so students are able to take control of their learning

3. Develop the concepts, attitudes, knowledge and skills necessary for students to become globally recognised and respected.

4. Promote effective collaborative learning techniques that instil the spirit of team work among students and encourage them to achieve their full potential.

5. Provide an education which places importance on the holistic development of the model student

6. Encourage the partnership between the community and the school and allow parents to take an active part in their children ' s education

7. Develop staff and student ' s leadership skills at all levels

8. Offer an educational program that is based on the best teaching and learning practises

9. Value the efficient use of needed and updated instructional resources

10. Foster and celebrate the teachings of the of the Quran in seeking educational excellence and to develop a well-balanced and successful generation both locally and internationally

11. Teach the international curriculum without jeopardising our Islamic beliefs and values