I agree to pay the Bus transportation fee SR
per semester payable in advance. Bus transportation will be denied if the fee is not paid during the first week of each semester.


Parents of students who already registered for bus service should be aware of the following polices implemented at Yusr Int. School:
1. The bus will not wait for late comers. When waiting for the bus, students must be accompanied by adult supervision.
2. During drop off time, an adult must be waiting at the building gate to escort the child. School is not responsible to escort the child to the house door.
3. Not all areas are covered by school buses.
4. Parents are requested to inform the school if and when they bring \ take home their bus- using- children to \ from the school
5. The school bus will not wait more than two minutes for every student.
6. The school reserves the right to:
a. Cancel bus service to any child, to change the bus supervisor, or/ and to transfer students from one bus to another if the need arises.
b. Prevent any student who misbehaves from using the school buses.
c. Forbid students from using bus service until fees are settled.

I agree and approve of the above-mentioned terms and requirements.